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During the last several years endoscopes (flexible and rigid) have become essential tools for medicine, useful for the diagnosis of illnesses in the lungs (pulmonary), bladder (urology) and blood vessels (arthroscopy), and in the digestive tract; including the throat, stomach, duodenum, intestines, pancreas and colon (gastroenterology). In addition, endoscopes are also used in the fields of ear, nose and throat (ENT), gynaecology and laparoscopic general surgery.

Minimally Invasive Surgery (endoscopic) procedures are expected to almost entirely replace conventional surgery procedures within the next 20 years. Endoscopic procedures provide better care for patients at lower overall costs, and with less utilization of scarce hospital beds and related resources.

Globe Biomed is mainly focused on GI (Gastro Intestinal) endoscopy market. Within the wide field of GI Endoscopy, Globe Biomed and its subsidiaries are manufacturers of flexible endoscopic instruments, equipment and supplies.

Flexible Endoscopes are good enough to diagnose the GI tract & now a days they are used for treatment too. Globe Biomed is one of the company providing solution for Flexible Endoscopes, we have wide range of options on that & covering the refurbished Endoscope market.

We are managing with our service to pull up the quality as good as new & we are only company authorize the comfort warranty period to the customers for Refurbished Medical Instruments.

To describe with, we have all brands & wide range of Flexible Endoscopes for sales & could provide service, from recent models to the expired one.